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Original  Armenian Braided Cheese
TELBANEER traditional Armenian braided cheese, called also Angel Hair, is the real Armenian string cheese handmade according to genuine traditions with  black caraway seeds.
KARLACTI Armenian string cheese is fine braided following the traditional Armenian string cheese production methods. 
TELBANEER Armenian string cheese comes in the form of a knotted endless loop of fine string braids due to the way it is hand pulled.
You can enjoy it in all seasons.
Vacuum Pack - To be weighed at time of sale – SKU 73120

Delicious Real Armenian String Cheese
Our delicious real Armenian string cheese is produced in USA and Canada following Armenian traditions according to strict quality standards and distributed by KARLACTI, Inc. a US Company.
The US string cheese is ready to eat. Just cut it in two parts and disentangle the strings with your fingers.
The Canadian version called also Fine Tresses, is dryer and saltier as most Mediterranean cheeses to preserve it up to one year.

You can enhance its delicate flavor bathing it in water after disentangling the strings.
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