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                                     Authentic Nabulsi Cheese in Jar


                                     Mediterranean Cheese

The authentic Nabulsi cheese with nigella seeds is a boiled cheese. 
Various Middle Eastern specialty spices give Mayar Nabulsi cheese its distinctive flavor.
It is the real Palestinian cheese denoting Nablus, its place of origin in the West Bank.

MAYAR Nabulsi is a smooth, semi-soft unripened white cheese rectangular in form.

It squeaks between your teeth and is served with a simple smattering of cucumber and tomato to balance the salt of its traditional brine.

You can grill it to a golden crust, fry it, bake it or toast it as it withstands heat without melting.
It is suitable as a table cheese, in sandwiches, salads or paired with fruits.
MAYAR brand cheeses are now produced in the US following genuine Middle Eastern traditions,according to strict quality standards, and distributed by KARLACTI, Inc. a US Company.
In Jars: 32oz with brine (Drained 20oz) – SKU 73418


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