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Original  Braided String Cheese 

Armenians have produced cheese for thousands of years.
Armenians value much dairy products, part of their daily meals.
The home cheese making traditions were passed on from generation to generation.

TELBANEER Original Armenian string cheese is made from 100% whole cow's milk and seasoned with mahleb, nigella seeds and a pinch of salt.  

Original Armenian String Cheese
The natural, handmade original braided string cheese is a delicious and exotic ethnic delicacy, flavored with black nigella seeds, which give it a rich subtle taste.
The Mediterranean original braided string cheese is called Majdouleh or Majdouli by Middle Eastern people.
String TELBANEER original braided string cheese before serving it to family and friends as a lovely pile of strings!  
Vacuum Pack – 8 oz - KOSHER - SKU 73222



TELBANEER handcrafted original braided string cheeses are produced in a HACCP certified facility which ensures constant cheese quality and safety.

Plain Natural Flavor Braided String Cheese
It is the original braided string cheese without the nigella seeds.
Vacuum Pack – 8 oz  KOSHER - SKU 73212
KARLACTI natural handmade Mediterranean braided string cheeses have a mild taste and a pure white color.
A great snack and perfect to melt, TELBANEER original braided string cheeses are also used as a table cheese and for cooking.
Our handcrafted braided string cheeses are made with part skim milk for great taste and less fat.
Ara Baghdassarian continues the path drawn by his father, Ohannes Baghdassarian. He preserves the historical Armenian heritage of the Baghdassarian family by producing authentic all natural specialty cheeses specialty artisan cheese, Armenian cheese, Mediterranean cheese, Mideastern cheese, specialty Middle Eastern dairy products and natural cheese and dairy food products.

TELBANEER handcrafted braided Armenian String Cheeses are produced in a HACCP certified facility which ensures constant cheese quality and safety.
All our products are certified by Dairy Management Inc. with the Real Seal of the United Dairy Industry Association.Real Dairy Products
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